All HRF, Inc. Human Blood Plasma units and side tubes are tested and found to be non-reactive for HBsAg and negative for antibodies to HIV and for HIV antigen by federally approved testing methods, and tested for anti-HCV as per current regulations. All donors have been screened for Creutzfeldt-Jocobs Disease.

HRF, Inc. products are intended for further manufacturing into in vitro diagnostic reagents use for which there are no alternative sources.

  • Factor V Deficient Plasma
  • Factor VII Deficient Plasma
  • Factor VIII Deficient Plasma
  • Factor VIII Pooled Plasma
  • Factor VIII with Inhibitor Plasma
  • Factor IX Deficient Plasma
  • Factor IX Pooled Plasma
  • Factor X Deficient Plasma
  • Factor XI Deficient Plasma
  • Factor XII Deficient Plasma
  • Von Willebrand Plasma Type 1
  • Von Willebrand Plasma Type 2B
  • Von Willebrand Plasma Type 3
  • Lupus Anticoagulant Plasma
  • Activated Protein C Resistant Plasma
  • Coumarin Plasma
  • Fletcher Factor (Prekallikrein) Deficient Plasma
  • Normal Plasma
  • Normal Pooled Plasma

Some Donors are on anticoagulant therapy, this provides a very wide range of INRs. Contact us for current range available.

Please contact HRF, Inc. for any other products you require. All FDA approval regulations apply.