• A hard copy purchase order is required before product can be shipped. Domestic (US) orders must be received by 12:00pm (noon) Eastern Standard Time to be shipped the next business day. International orders must be received a minimum of five business days prior to shipping. See below for international shipping estimated arrival times for transit and clearing customs.
    • All orders must include:
      • Product name and collection number (if available)
      • Donor number if applicable
      • Quantity requested in milliliters
      • Date needed
      • Purchase order
      • Consignee (company) name, and ship to address
      • Contact information: name, phone number, email address and shipping particulars
      • Federal Express account number. If none, actual charges may be billed to the customer on the product invoice (with prior approval)
      • Any special requirements (e.g.: product documentation)
    • All products are shipped on dry ice. Within the US, shipping will be via Federal Express Priority Overnight. All product shipped internationally on dry ice will be via Federal Express International. Insulated containers will be used depending on destination country.
    • International shipments may take up to 36 hours to arrive in destination country, and one to four days to clear customs, depending on the destination country and/or customs laws. An insulated shipping container will be used based on the estimated transit time and our experience shipping to many international destinations. Dry Ice used during shipping is regulated under UN1845. Dry ice (solidified carbon dioxide): Extremely cold: -109.3°F (-78.5°C).
    • A handling charge A handling charge of $100 USD will be added to each box shipped within the United States and $150 USD for International orders.
    • Terms are NET 30 DAYS from invoice date.
    • Customer is responsible for all VAT (Value Added Tax) charges, Brokerage Fees or any additional costs resulting from special shipping arrangements.
    • Please contact HRF, Inc. if special shipping arrangements are required.

If there is anything we can do to improve your order, please contact us. If you need a product not seen here, please let us know… We will locate it for you. We value your business and will do everything possible to ensure we meet your expectations. We at HRF, Inc. would like to thank you, our valued customers for your continued loyalty and support!