The HRF, Inc. has been majority owned and operated by individuals with coagulation disorders since its inception in 1985. The owners are employees or partners with a lifetime of hemophilia care, coagulation clinical experience, plasmapheresis and/or collection experience. The company was founded with three basic mission principles:

  1. To ensure that this much needed human plasma would meet the needs of the scientific research community as they strive to find a cure for hemophilia or developed new clotting therapies.
  2. To provide a safe, clean and local center that would allow founding partners the opportunity to have their (rare) plasma marketed.
  3. To assist donors (most with costly coagulation disorders) with the opportunity to participate in the financial end of the market for their (rare) plasma through this paid donation program.

Our group of professionals has 138 years of combined experience in hemophilia, laboratory procedures, phlebotomy and plasmapheresis. The staff includes:

  • hematologists with training and background in hemophilia, phlebotomists with decades of combined experience, that have the special skills needed to venipuncture and plasmapheresis a donor with a rare unique coagulation disorder.
  • laboratory technicians with diverse backgrounds and experience operating laboratory instruments and managing the collection processes.
  • quality control/quality assurance employees who have on the job experience, outside training, and further education for degrees or certification in this area help ensure a regulatory compliant facility.

Many of the HRF staff is cross trained and experienced in the other jobs tasks or in all areas.

The HRF, Inc facility consists of 3500 ft², which includes 4 administrative offices, laboratory, donor collection room, shipping & receiving, freezer room and a separate climate controlled units with an offsite monitoring system. Our freezers operate 24×7 at extremely low temperatures and are continuously monitored remotely for temperature variations and power fluctuation.

The HRF, Inc. donor pool consists of individuals with various coagulation disorders, many of whom travel by air to our Raleigh, NC facility. Donors who travel long distances have the option of staying overnight in one of our corporate reimbursed hotels. A vehicle may also be provided for use while present for the plasmapheresis process during your stay. Since the majority of the staff started as donors, we feel we know what is is important to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

The process by which human plasma is separated from whole blood is called plasmapheresis. The HRF, Inc. manual collection process uses a refrigerated centrifuge to spin the collected bleed bag of whole blood at high rpm, which separates the plasma from the whole blood. Developed over many decades of experience, HRF, Inc. has proprietary procedures that allow us to collect and process the best quality human plasma possible. These proprietary processes start with careful screening of prospective donors. Donors must thoroughly review our donor information packet, and must give careful consideration before making the commitment to participate as a donor. This is a unique opportunity, with a generous compensation plan.

All HRF, Inc. plasma is used strictly as a non injectable product, and must be tested and meet all current FDA regulations for infectious disease testing. The plasma is also tested in house for optical clarity measurements on a spectrophotometer before release. QC is one of many procedures that ensure HRF, Inc. product is of the highest quality.

Please contact us or click on the “Donor Info” tab with specific questions regarding products or donor opportunities.

HRF, Inc. continues to expand its operation to meet the ever increasing international demand for specialty non-injectable human plasma.