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  • HRF, Inc.

The HRF, Inc. has been majority owned and operated by individuals with coagulation disorders since its inception in 1985. The owners are employees or partners with a lifetime of hemophilia care, coagulation clinical experience, plasmapheresis collection experience and who may also live with a bleeding or clotting disorder. The company was founded with three basic mission principles:

  1. To insure that this much needed human plasma would meet the needs of the scientific research community as they strived to find a cure for hemophilia, or new clotting therapies;
  2. To provide a safe, clean and local center that would allow founding partners the opportunity to have their (rare) plasma marketed in an international market; and
  3. To assist donors (most with costly coagulation disorders) with the opportunity to participate in the financial end of the market for their (rare) plasma through this paid donation program

HRF, Inc. is a US Licensed, FDA Regulated Source Plasma Center that provides rare specialty Human Blood Plasma for the International Market (non-injectable) for Manufacture into InVitro Diagnostic Products, Research and Development of Clotting Concentrates and as an Aid in the Search for a Cure for Hemophilia and Other Coagulation Disorders through Genetic Discovery.